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Latest Blog Posts

Muslimah Fashion And The Hijab

“Have you ever intentionally or for that matter unintentionally caught yourself passing judgment of someone? Maybe, sitting on a public transport? At someone’s party or wedding? What’s the deal, simply on how they are dressed or how much makeup they have on?” Well,...

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Empowering Women by being Financially Educated.

As a young girl I was taught to save and never get into debt whatever the circumstances. I became exactly that; a super saving machine.  My parents were from a middle class family and we had an amazing life, filled with love and surrounded by people who were great...

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Combat Disunity within the Muslim’s

A perception on, how the Muslims can collectively unify the Ummah; overcoming the issues due to working on their own character and dealing with the arrogance (an act which got Iblees expelled from Paradise) of the more Knowledgeable amongst us according, to the Quran...

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